Unsecured Small Business Loan

If you’re trying to get your hands on an unsecured small business loan you’ll probably find that it’s a task much harder than you envisaged. Banks are becoming less and less liberal with their lending, and small businesses across the USA are suffering. Here at Rivis Capital we offer a popular alternative to a small business loan known as a merchant cash advance. Although loans and cash advances are much different, the options that we offer are extremely useful for businesses due to the flexibility involved, as well as the fact that things like a poor credit history won’t count against you.

How does it work?

With a merchant cash advance we essentially buy a portion of sales that your business will make in future. When we buy those sales we give you the money up front. As those sales are made well into the future, we skim off a repayment percentage. Repayments are flexible and they’re taken automatically – you don’t even need to spare them a second thought.

Of course no form of business financing is free, we do charge for the pleasure of using a merchant cash advance. The great thing is though that you’ll know from day one exactly how much you need to repay – unlike bank loans your balance won’t be gathering interest throughout the duration of the agreement.

The application process

The process of applying for a merchant cash advance is short and sweet compared to the arduous task of applying for a bank loan. Usually we’ll be able to tell you within just a couple of days whether or not we can help your business – contrast this with the weeks it takes for banks to sift through a loan application. If you need an unsecured business loan in a hurry make sure you consider using our alternative financing options.

We don’t require your business to have stacks of historic tax returns or a gleaming credit history. We won’t ask you to fill out reams of forms either. When you call up to enquire about our financing options we won’t give you hours of sales patter – you’ll get the truth and nothing but the truth. If you decide to opt for a merchant cash advance with us we’ll be able to assess your application on the spot, letting you know exactly how much we can offer. When it comes to an unsecured small business loan don’t pin your hopes on it – the bank could possibly say no. Here at Rivis Capital we say yes, so get in touch with us today!


Please Note: We do not work with start ups at this time.
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