Salon Financing

Whether you’re running a hair dressing salon or a beauty salon, if you need to obtain salon financing and traditional lenders like banks aren’t playing ball, make sure you get in touch with us right away to see how we can help you. Obtaining any form of business financing has become exponentially harder in the wake of the credit crisis – small businesses across the USA are suffering as a consequence.

How does our salon financing solution work?

Here at Rivis Capital we offer funding to businesses through a financial product known as a merchant cash advance. It’s important to understand that a merchant cash advance is not a loan of any type – it’s totally different. A merchant cash advance is an alternative method of business financing – and the good news is that business owners across the USA are waking up to them because of how useful they are.

With a merchant cash advance you don’t need to worry about those rigid, unforgiving finance repayments that banks insist on. Instead you only repay the cash advance based on a percentage of your sales – in stronger months more is repaid, in slow months less is repaid. This flexibility is the key to making the decision to take a merchant cash advance for many business owners – bank loans simply don’t come close.

Where does the capital need to be spent?

We don’t dictate to you where the capital you raise through a merchant cash advance should be spent – we trust you to make that decision. Whether you want to spend the cash on a new waiting room for your clients – or you want to overhaul your salon’s aging equipment, it’s entirely up to you. The smart thing to do is to spend the money in areas where it will lead to an increase in business, ensuring that the money is recouped.

Banks can take weeks if not months to reply to requests for funding – we like to do things much quicker here at Rivis Capital though. All you need to do is fill out the short application form at the side of this page and we’ll review your request promptly – we’ll then get in touch with you to discuss your financing needs. The maximum amount that we offer to approved businesses is $1 million, which is more than enough capital to push growth and sales within the majority of businesses out there.


Please Note: We do not work with start ups at this time.
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