Nightclub Financing

Here at Rivis Capital we offer nightclub financing in the form of a merchant cash advance. If you run an established nightclub business and you want to receive a cash injection for whatever reason, it’s well worth looking into the possibility of applying for a merchant cash advance from us. They’re becoming extremely popular with businesses across the USA – they eliminate the stress associated with applying for a bank loan, and they’re also a much more flexible way to borrow. Another thing that merchant cash advances bring to the table is the fact that no interest is accrued on the outstanding amount during the time the balance is owed – you’ll only ever repay the sum agreed when the lump sum was disbursed.

Why bother with nightclub financing?

If you find your nightclub business is in a little cash flow trouble, it makes sense to seek financing. The current economic climate is hitting a lot of people’s pockets hard – it means that they have less disposable income to spend on enjoying themselves – which inevitably means those nights out are cut back.

The truth is that the financial crisis won’t be around forever – so there’s no point entertaining the idea of winding up a perfectly profitable business based on the fact that it’s in a bit of a rut. A merchant cash advance gives you the opportunity to shore your business up, and it also gives you the opportunity to look for ways in which to promote growth within the business itself. By the time the financial crisis is over, your business could be in a much stronger position than it was before.

What can nightclub financing be spent on?

It’s not just cash flow troubles that can be remedied with a merchant cash advance. If your cash flow is running perfectly fine but you require a little extra money in order to expand things, a merchant cash advance is also the ideal thing for you. It’s up to you whether you spend the money improving your existing nightclub by bringing in more drinks and increasing capacity – or whether you use that money in order to acquire new premises, in order to help you start your own chain of clubs.

Banks aren’t being very cooperative when it comes to lending to new and established businesses. If you’re finding it hard to get your hands on nightclub financing, make sure you get in touch with us today to find out more about how cash merchant advances work – we can help you!


Please Note: We do not work with start ups at this time.
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