Business Financing

A merchant cash advance is a business loan alternative. We grant merchant cash advances to businesses in all kinds of niches and sectors – we don’t have any rules about which businesses we can or can’t lend to. If your business turns over money and needs capital in order to grow, make sure you get in touch with us because there’s a very good chance that we can help you.

Remember banks have stopped being quite so liberal with their lending practices – this has spelled trouble for a lot of small business owners who rely on bank loans and other sources of business finance in order to build and grow their businesses. It’s no longer an issue though, because here at Rivis Capital we offer a practical business loan alternative in the form of a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance is not a loan – they differ on many different levels.

Have a look through the business financing options that we have available and get in touch with us right away if there’s one that catches your eye. If your business or niche isn’t on this list there’s still a very good chance that we can assist you – don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to us.


Please Note: We do not work with start ups at this time.
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