Do You Belong To A Business Club?

Five businesspeople applauding and smiling in presentation room

One of the best ways to receive help, support and the encouragement that you need to drive forward in business is to join a business club. There are various clubs out there – some of them work on a national or even international scale. Other business clubs tend to be run on a more local scale. No matter what type of club it is that’s on your door step, make sure you sign up for at least one – being a member of a business club is great especially when you’re feeling a little down about things – there will always be someone in the club to fire you up and inspire you once again.

What clubs are on offer?

Perhaps one of the most famous business clubs in existence across many countries is the Business Network International or BNI for short. They have chapters across the USA and indeed across the world – so if you’re looking to meet with likeminded people, joining the BNI is a great idea.

The BNI system works largely on referrals, so if you’re looking for something a little more laid back where there’s no pressure to sell or generate leads, you should look for a locally organized club instead. Some local business clubs meet monthly or bi-weekly – others only meet once every six months or so. It’s entirely up to you which club you join – whichever suits you best!

The merits of being in a business club

Here are five of the best advantages we think there are to being a member of a business club:

  • You get help and support from likeminded individuals in the local area
  • You can bounce ideas off other business owners in similar niches or in the same area
  • Referrals are always a possibility, especially if your business caters for B2B clients
  • It’s a great way to inspire others – not everyone has the same motivation and drive as you, wouldn’t it be nice for some of your drive and motivation to rub off on other people?
  • You become known in local business circles, which is a form of marketing – if people know that you offer a specific service they won’t bother searching for a company when they need that service – they’ll come to you!

Joining a business club is something that can benefit every business owner out there greatly. Check out the business financing options we have here at Rivis Capital whilst you’re online – we’ve got various packages on offer including bad credit business loan alternatives.