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A merchant cash advance is a lump sum, upfront payment made to a business – the payment is based on the business’ future sales. As you make sales going forward the cash advance is gradually repaid, usually on an automatic basis.

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Simply fill out our online application and one of our funding consultants will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Applying is the first step to acquiring funds for your business. 85% of our applicants are approved and started by applying online.

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An alternative to applying online and to really get things started is to fill out our full merchant cash advance application. After filling this application out you can fax or email it directly to our funding consultants. We will contact you soon.


Welcome to Rivis Capital, we offer an alternative business financing option known as a merchant cash advance. We specialize in small business financing so make sure you take the time to get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

The business financing industry is a confusing place – there are so many different companies out there offering a plethora of different products. Some companies offer loans, others offer alternative financing. Here at Rivis Capital we offer a flexible way to borrow the money that you need in order to shore up or grow your business. We have a team of experienced staff on hand to guide you through the process of obtaining the finance that your business needs.

It is the goal of our company to present you with the best deal out there. We at Rivis Capital have access to more banks than other merchant cash advance companies and that's what makes us different. After you apply on our website it is our pleasure to present you with the best we know you can get. We want you to get the money you need without the hassle other companies provide.

We offer a financial product known as a merchant cash advance (sometimes referred to as a business cash advance). In essence a merchant cash advance is where we purchase a portion of your future sales – releasing the capital that you need upfront. When your application is approved with us we’ll release the funds immediately – you’ll then start repaying the funds on an on-going basis. Unlike with a bank loan you won’t rack up interest during the course of the financing process, you’ll only repay the amount you borrowed plus an agreed amount on top – this won’t fluctuate during the term of the merchant cash advance.

What’s great about merchant cash advances is the fact that they offer flexibility: You don’t have to make fixed monthly repayments to us – you’ll only make repayments based on a percentage of your actual sales. If your business performs really well you’ll pay back more – if sales are exceedingly slow, your repayment sum will be lower. It’s all really simple – and it’s not hard to see why a merchant cash advance is seen as an extremely flexible way of borrowing.

Pick up the phone today and speak to one of our advisors – you’ll never know if we can help you or not unless you ask. All calls are treated on a confidential basis, and if you decide not to go through with the merchant cash advance you’re not obliged to do so.


At Rivis Capital we offer an alternative form of business financing known as a merchant cash advance. Merchant cash advances are becoming increasingly popular with business owners across the USA, and indeed the western world. There’s no set list of industries that we do and don’t cater for because a merchant cash advance is a flexible form of business financing that can be used by virtually any company out there. The best way to find out if we can help your business with our alternative financing options is to get in touch with us today.

It doesn’t matter if your business plan isn’t amazing – or if your credit history isn’t blemish free. Where the banks say no, we like to say yes! You’ll only find out whether or not we can help you if you fill out the application form here on our site, or call us to speak to one of our operators. We hope to hear from you very soon.


Please Note: We do not work with start ups at this time.
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